Georgie thompson sky sports news

Georgie Thompson is considered to be just about the most popular anchorwoman associated with sky sports news. Born in September 1977, she presents the 3-7pm slot at Sky Sports News.

A GOOD sportswoman herself, she has represented England for international junior tennis championships while she had been studying in Queenswood Boarding School. Having finalized her education through the University of Leeds where she trained in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie Thompson started out her career as being a production assistant for GMTV.

She moved from GMTV in The month of january 2001 to Sky Sports News and has now ever since covered numerous sporting events including the US Open Tennis Championships, A1 Grand Prix, Grand Prix Masters, Speedway World Cup, America’s Cup and also the Race of Champions. She is also a keen surfer and also an hardcore Fullham F. C. supporter.

The woman’s incredibly busy timetable does not enable her to spend enough time over the tennis courts currently. However whenever she does get the time and energy to hit the actual courts, she does compete however right now it is merely with herself. Having played out on a competitive level for nearly 12 times within a year during the past, she seems disappointed if she does not level with her standards.

Voted amongst the very best 100 Sexisiest Women in the Word by the Uk Men’s Magazine, FHM, Georgie Thompson had modest origins. The child of a real estate developer, the significance regarding job integrity as well as hard work were drilled into her at a very young age. Additionally, it ingrained in her the significance connected with investing in property and consequently of rising up the property ladder.

She is now the proud owner of a there bed room terrace house inside Chelsea. Although she thinks that the home is considerably large as she is not married as well as doesn’t have any children, it is a huge gain on her behalf coming from a purely investment point of view. At first costing around 500, 000 pounds during the time of purchase, the home is now appraised at almost 800, 000.

Georgie Thompson doesn’t consider herself to generally be very good with finances as well as making it do the job. Adhering to her father’s advice, she lets her financial advisors make all of the crucial decisions for her. Having focused on property for a long time, she has now started taking a look at other investment alternatives as well always keeping her future in mind. Her economic consultants have demostrated her the need associated with retaining money aside for major future expenses like education fees for when she has children.

She has furthermore bought a comprehensive insurance coverage that insures her for critical illness and BUPA healthcare. Despite the fact that she sees critical illness cover quite expensive, she understood the fact that having a family history connected with cancer she did not want to put an amount on her health and wellbeing.

Although she loves creating wealth, dealing with money and number crunching are certainly not a favorite pastime with her. Over the insistence of Sky News she set up a private limited company meant for herself quite a while back. Along with invoicing Sky News on her contract she ensures there’s a constant flow of income coming in from various other resources like event hosting, writing articles and corporate speaking.